What Respect is all about

Respect Commit To It! Community Members

From an initial courageous stand by two committed educators who believe in not only change for the positive but the preparedness to do something about it, a genuinely authentic and viable community initiative has arisen, with an overwhelming level of community support from all areas. 

What does Respect mean?
"Caring for the feelings and wellbeing of our self and others"
Our purpose

The Respect Commit To It! project serves as an opportunity to have an effect on the current and future generations that significantly positively affect the community on many layers including government, commercial educational and not for profit organisations. 

By collaborating with the various local stakeholders through a series of awareness, educational and training initiatives it is envisaged that the Redcliffe Peninsula Community will build a culture of respect for future generations to come as an integral way of life assumed by the community at large. 

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Our Supporters

Yvette has been a supporter of the project from the beginning.  She is one of the ambassadors of the project has kindly donated money and prizes for raffles.   

See how Yvette has supported the project and what Respect means to her here.

Yvette D'Ath

Yvette D'Ath

Rupert McCall

Rupert is a Redcliffe local who has shown his support for our project by providing us the following inspiring words about what respect means to him.

Learn more about Respect according to Rupert McCall here.

Rupert McCall

Don Meij CEO Domino's

Don Meij

Don is a former Redcliffe local who attended Clontarf Beach State High School and worked his way up from being a pizza delivery driver to become CEO of Domino's Pizza. He is a passionate advocate for the Respect project and has contributed markedly to the cause.